A lots been going on...

If you haven't visited us on Facebook or Twitter you might want a wrap up of what's been going on.

A lots been going on…

Jana and I continue to be amazed at the response. We never thought we’d get 20 signatures and we have 131 so far! I was talking to Edison the other day as he smiled and told me that he was so disenchanted with government that he never thought we would make as much progress as quickly as we did. 

2013-01-02 18.46.40 copy.jpg
  1. We met with Mark Weprin’s office yesterday and he was really excited about the idea and wants to meet with the various agencies to see if we can make the idea happen.
  2. Joby was named Queens person of the week by NY1. As he’ll tell you, it isn’t about him, its about making things better for people in Queens. 
  3. Jana and Edison will have a pretty exciting video for us to watch soon, so keep your eyes peeled.